11 Beginner Tips to Sell Products Online for Retailers

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Are you just starting out and you’re fairly new to ecommerce? Looking for the perfect place to sell your products on the internet?

We know that feeling.

You got the idea. You got the product.

But, how do you find strangers online to buy your products?

Don’t worry! Today we are going to get you the best tips to sell product online for retailers and ecommerce newbies. Nowadays, ecommerce is made so easy that selling product online can really be handled with few retail tips.

Alright, enough introduction – let us jump to the details and guide you through the process.

Find an eCommerce Platform (1)

Our first tip, If you are interested to sell products online, is to find an ecommerce platform or a web solution for retailers – that will enable you to process all the business operations required for online product sales.

Finding a platform is easy, there so many options on the market, it all depends on your personal experience in coding and designing web solutions. There are solutions like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Wix that won’t require any techniqual knowledge from you to run them – and you have solutions like Volusion and WordPress that will need you to know a bit of coding in order to set them up.

Overall, you don’t have to start from scratch!

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Focus on the Mobile Users (2)

As time goes by, mobile users are more engaged in online shopping then desktop users. Currently numbers go up to 65% Mobile and 35% Desktop visitors for shops.

Therefore, you should make sure your online shop if fully and more optimized for mobile users and will provide them a much faster checkout and purchase flow.

To test if your website or theme is mobile friendly, or responsive for all devices, you can use Google’s mobile testing tool and type your url. The tool will give you back a report and point out how mobile friendly your shop is.

First Impressions Matter (3)

Today, first impressions are very important for establishing business connections. The thing is, online, you only have 1-3 seconds to blow away your potential customer or visitor before they close your shop and drift away.

That’s all you got, really, up to 3 seconds!

So, make sure your hero section or header section on your shop will help you to sell products online fast or provoke the visitor to learn more about your brand and retail store.

Quality Product Photos (4)

Regardless of the copy and content written on the website, people will only remember 20% of the text. Guilty? It’s ok we know you must be skipping trough the lines – and that’s why this is an educational and important point in the guide

Make sure that the product pages are filled with quality images that showcase the product in different variations, details or even different scenarios and usage.

This will help visitors and potential shoppers imagine themselves using your products in real life.

Seamless Navigation (5)

Avoid doing mistakes and design principles that were good back in 2005 or even 2010. People have been exposed online so much that they can smell issues from a mile away, and something silly in your UI might set them off to stop the purchase process.

This is a great tip that will help you to sell products online like a pro, and it’s a simple one, make sure your navigation is stress-free. Don’t let users get lost and struggle trying to find your product.

Test it alone, test it with friends and even benchmark from other successful stores and apply the best working navigation on the site.

Unique Selling Proposition (6)

This is something that you’d thought that you knew – or that you couldn’t find the words to say it, but having a USP will help you sell products online like a PRO retailer.


USP is basically, the shortest explanation of why your store or brand is unique and why people need to buy from it. Usually it’s something that is in the header section where a new visitor on the site can see it instantly when they first land and, again instantly, learn if your shop is for them or not.

Blogging is Good (7)

Having a blog will set you apart from the competition and will showcase you (or your editorial) as an expert in the retail niche where you are selling the products online.

Here is a tip: blog about anything in the industry in a way that attracts people to come and read your blog daily, and try to upsell products by adding links to the product pages in the blogs.

Tell Your Story (8)

People love to connect with brands. That is the new hype! That’s why you must create a great OUR STORY page and explain how and why you’ve started this brand.

Around 10% of the traffic that is interested to buy from you will check the about us page and 40% of those visitors will most likely buy your products online.

Rock the Ranks on Google (9)

You should either learn doing SEO or hire an SEO expert, either way – search engine optimization will get you a lot of traffic to your website and the best tips, if you want to sell products online, is to optimize everything in a manner that customers can find you easily.

Few tips on doing SEO for ecommerce shops:

  • Optimize the Product Titles and Meta Description with keywords that your potential buyer will look for.
  • Use friendly and simple url and links so Google can index you, instead of using the product code in the link.
  • Let your users and customers help you to sell online products – setup reviews and the previous customers can describe their experience, yet submit optimized content for each product.

Make sure to connect the Google Analytics platform with your website so you can always know where the traffic is coming from and trough is what keyword they’ve found you from, and use that knowledge to push the optimization for products that are optimized correctly and are ranking well on the SERPs.

There are a lot more helpful tips to sell products online for retailers! Are you interested and want us to share more useful insight about selling products online? Let us know in the comment section below.

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