9 Products that You Should Start Selling Online

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As time goes by, online business is getting harder and harder. Especially ecommerce! With the competition online today and the fact that everyone is selling something on their ecommerce platform or the social media – even we have troubles to determine what sells, and what doesn’t.

We`ll ignore the gurus and we`ll do a bit of our own little research to find out what is profitable for ecommerce and dropshipping this year.

Are you ready?

Today, we are going to talk about products that you should start selling online and, if you don’t have an ecommerce platform, start your own ecommerce business.

There is ton of information online and even everyone tries to be unique, they all deliver the same message for future online retailers, and that’s – finding a trending high-profit product will be key for your ecommerce website growth.

This is where we come in!

Let’s see the 9 niches that have trending products for your online sales journey:

  1. Dog Bowls
  2. Detox Lifestyle & Tea
  3. Paleo Products
  4. Hair Products
  5. Baby Clothing
  6. Men’s Rings for Engagement
  7. Make-up for Vegans (cruelty-free)
  8. Stress release Fidget Spinners
  9. Suit Pockets

Alright. Let’s dive in!

Pet Bowls and Accessories

The pet industry is huge, with a market cap of over 70 billion USD, it’s clear that some people may treat their pets better than their children.

There are a ton of options for pet bowls and accessories, yet one of the most popular ones, a bowl that looks like a fountain and supports water drinking and food holder, generates over 400.000 usd for the owner. That’s huge for just one product you sell online, right?

Exactly my point!

The bowls can also be customized with dog or cat names as an upsell.

Let’s go to the next one!

Detox Tea and Supplies

Let’s admit it. The fitness industry is crushing it and products are always bestselling, since there is always a gap between fast food and fit body – people will continue to get conscious about the healthy lifestyle and are looking for this type of products.

This is where the detox teas and juices come in.

The good thing is that you can even find white label teas and juices, that really work and do the work, but the cool thing is that you can personalize them and label them with your own brand.

The market cap for detox products is at 4 billion usd, and it’s interest is growing since 2013.

Paleo Products

Not so far behind, again in the fitness and healthy lifestyle niche, we have the paleo products.

These came out from the popular paleo diets and food lifestyle that brings us back to the time when there were no diary, grain and processed food for people.

Paleo itself is a movement and has a huge market and people that still enjoy this particular lifestyle. The most popular types of products here are the Paleo Bars and Paleo powder that are supplements for sweet food and diary/grain type of food.

Well packaged and combined with the right influencer, you can easily sell tons of these as a single product or in a subscription model.

Moving on the cosmetics…

Hair Products

As you’ve probably noticed, the last couple of years, people tend to go back to basics and natural living lifestyles. Like some of the food product markets, hair products are a very competitive and saturated type of market as well.

However, this niche has a long term lifetime value of customer trust and comes with many variations that you can upsell, especially if your target market are women.

As celebrities and influencers are embracing the all-natural hair looks, their followers and fans tend to follow up on that trend – and this can be a great opportunity to get in the hair products business that you can sell online.

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Baby Apparel

Baby clothing is something people will be happy to pay the higher price, especially if a product is over-recommended by their friends or influencers. It’s a slow growing market, but the demand is always here because, well, babies will keep coming and that’s how the demand is created.

The good thing here as well is that new moms are extra helpful and want to blog about the growth of their babies, so this trend can be used for marketing purposes.

Man Rings for Engagement

This is a new niche that covers modern traditions and targets. It’s targeting the homosexual market and women that want to propose first.

As I said, new and modern traditions.

The good thing is that there are still un-tapped influencers in this field as its considered as taboo in some countries and that people can, well not always, only use this ring once.

This means it’s allowed to be a high profit product!

Makeup for Vegans

Talking about people that care about their cause, got us to the vegans market. It’s a right cause and that’s why this type of makeup – known as cruelty-free makeup – is highly popular right now.

This is a type of a natural product that promotes animal safety instead of abuse, and thus why vegan customers love it. It’s a slow growing market that has a high peak since 2013, and slow growth rate – yet, big lifetime customer values.

Fidget spinners

Even though these are older products and date back from 2015 – 2016, there are still people that buy them and use them for stress release. Might be a good adition to the store, but definitely not worthy of being a focus product.

Suit Pocket Squares

This is a great niche and product type since it targets high-end demographics and people that love fashion and looks – that means they won’t be bothered to spend extra in order to get a suit pocket that will express their personalities and peak interest from other people.

It’s fun type of product that will be combined with fashion, so even if it’s a growing market since 2004, if you get extra creative, you can sell a lot of these products online.

Alright! These are our top 9 niches with products that you should start selling online on marketplaces or your own ecommerce platform. Do you have more ideas that you think should be added to our list?

Let us know in the comments below.

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