BigCommerce – The Advanced Ecommerce Platform made for Scaling

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Looking for an ecommerce masterpiece? Or perhaps you need an online retail platform that can promise you a bright future if you are planning insane growth rate and scaling of your ecommerce business?

You are on the right post.

Today, we are talking about the most advanced ecommerce platform made for scaling, and by scaling we mean extreme growth and traffic, the BigCommerce.

Overview of BigCommerce

Bigcommerce truly is one of the most sophisticated and advanced retail or ecommerce platform solution on the market. It’s fully equipped with a lot of sales toolset and powerful SEO optimization, as well as amazing multi-channel integrations with social media and all marketplaces.

It’s made to help ecommerce businesses grow at a faster pace and to turn high profits, with ease. It has designed to help you focus and boost your sales online.

Let’s start by checking the pros and cons of BigCommerce.

The Pros of BigCommerce

  • The Most advanced scalable online retailing solution on the market, built to support fast growth and huge traffic.
  • The biggest sales toolset, extended to the point that no one from the ecommerce platform builders didn’t go yet.
  • Available to connect with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest – as well as marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.
  • The most advanced SEO tools and suite that cut the need to use third party tools and services.
  • It ranks as #1 for its website features and the flexibility it comes with.

The Cons of BigCommerce

  • Complex and Advanced levels of usage that is definitely not suitable for starts and beginners in the world of ecommerce platforms. BigCommerce will require a bit more advanced knowledge of the sales and retail terminology, and has a bit more of a learning curve than its competitors.
  • It only comes with an account or dashboard on their web solution made for desktop version and office work, and it doesn’t include a mobile app that will enable to run the store on the GO.

Who Can Use BigCommerce for Creating an Ecommerce Website?

This is not the most user-friendly ecommerce platform. Seriously, the solution comes with a complex dashboard that will make you feel lost at first – and when starting an ecommerce platform, you should be focusing on making sales, instead of learning how to design websites.

The question is, why they made it complex?

It’s setup on a weird way where you can see your front design and backend at once. While this seems practical, it’s a very confusing setup. Therefore, using their inventory and designing the website at the same time is not the most common practice for website builders.

Yet, once you get a hang of it – you`ll love the value it brings to your business.

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Is it worth the money?

If you are a business owner, or even just starting out, you should know by now that you must spend some, to make some.

But how much should you spend on BigCommerce?

They offer a 15 day free trial and test period for you to test the ecommerce platform and see if you are going to need or that scaling power – or not. Once that is up, there will be few account upgrade options:

  • Standard plan at 29.95$/mo
  • Plus plan at 71.95$/mo
  • Pro Plan at 224.95$/mo
  • Enterprice plan – custom/on-demand pricing.

All the plans offer unlimited products to sell, staff accounts, channel integrations, coupon / gift card options, ratings and realtime shipping quotes. So, their plans are not based on usage limitations.

The plus plan will include the options for customer retention and cart recovery, and thus why this is the most popular plan for Bigcommerce, as it is suitable for making 150.000$ in sales annually – and it also allows a customer reward system and store credit.

It has its own customer retention system and email marketing automation, where basically the system is drawing customers back to buy again from your shop.

The PRO plan is enabling you to reach sales up to 400.000$ per year and additional options like google customer reviews and powerful product filtering/suggestion engine.

While the pricing seems to be a bit higher than all the other solutions from our best ecommerce platform list, like Shopify and WIX, with BigCommerce you don’t need to pay extra cash for third party solutions since you already have almost everything you need included in the platform.

Extra Functions for the Ecommerce Platform

When you are all set and ready to launch your new Bigcommerce ecommerce website, you will get proven designs and templates, which are tested and can really sell any product you throw at them.

Aside of Woocommerce, Bigcommerce is another ecommerce platform that enables you to sell physical, digital and service-based type of products online.

Regarding the payment options, you can integrate over 40 tested payment processors (that’s not a mistake, 40 is the number) and the best part is that they don’t lock you in to use their personal payment processor, or doing tricky transaction fees.

As a Bigcommerce retailer, you can use their shipping app and get up to 80% discount on the shipping fees by USPS, DHL and FedEx. Your customers can enjoy advanced shipment tracing system and all connected operations.

Aside from that, Bigcommerce is packed with their own developed apps, or to be more precise, over 600 apps in their app store – and you can use these to extend the ecommerce functions to your new ecommerce website. Most of the features you will need are made by Bigcommerce, so the pricing plan is pretty much all the cost that you will have – apps and extras won’t be extra charged, like on the other ecommerce solutions.

As we already mentioned before, Bigcommerce has Multichannel sales and cart abandonment enabled and optimized for high conversion rates.

Final words

We find more words to ‘promote’ BigCommerce more, because it really is one of the most advanced ecommerce platform made for scaling. What do you think is the best or worst features about BigCommerce? Let us know in the comment section below.

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BigCommerce – The Advanced Ecommerce Platform made for Scaling

Looking for an ecommerce masterpiece? Or perhaps you need an online retail platform that can promise you a bright future if you are planning insane growth rate and scaling of your ecommerce business? You are on the right post. Today, we are talking about the most advanced ecommerce platform made for scaling, and by scaling

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