How to Create Trending High Profit Products to Sell Online

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Finding trending and profitable products to sell online is something that can ‘make or break’ an ecommerce business.

Seriously! I’ve been talking to a dozen of successful retail entrepreneurs and they all confirmed that breaking point is based in making at least one product to go viral and to carry the biggest revenue.

That will basically, decide and determine the fate of the store, as well as the direction you will proceed to work with.

Today, we are going to focus on finding these ‘golden nuggets’ for making them into high profit products for a dropshipping business.

People, like yourself, love dropshipping for tons of reasons! Its either the freedom lifestyle since dropshipping stores are pretty automated or maybe the reason that it doesn’t require any storage and fulfilment during the process, unlike the standard ecommerce models that connect a physical store to the online world.

So, we are talking about creating a high profit product to sell online, but not actually developing it – yet we are only going to focus on developing a story and big marketing support to make a product popular.

We are covering the following points:

  • Mastering social media dynamics
  • Google and Amazon Tools for Research
  • Crawling for Product Information
  • Finding the perfect audience


Let’s go.

Mastering Social Media Dynamics

Even though it came unexpected, most of the buzz for retail success is happening on social media. Directly or indirectly people are sharing (maybe bragging) about recent purchase, sometimes complaining – but you get the point, social media is where your customers are.

This means creating a successful social media platform, or buying one if you have the budget, can be a great start for making a product viral. Obviously, there is a lot more work included to get this done, but you get the point.

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are rocking for visualizing products and YouTube will mainly help you with creating how to videos and educational promotion for the products you are about to sell.

The facts are, if someone is interested to buy a product, they will look for a YouTube review before they buy it – and to get there, they have to be exposed to it on the social media.

Facebook and Instagram are currently the best platforms for you to dominate and create success for the biggest percentage of products.

You can master the social media and make your product trending by combining these marketing strategies:

  • Create an omni-channel strategy for promoting the product, on your ecommerce website with banners, facebook and Instagram with images and videos and video reviews for YouTube.
  • Create a set of ads for each channel so people can be exposed to it.
  • Hire an influencer or blogger from your niche and let them promote your product to your audience.
  • Retarget visitors that didn’t buy from your shop yet.

Google Trends and Google Analytics

Google Trends is a very popular tool used by retailers and, we’ve mentioned it a lot in these article series, but truth is it’s very useful!

It records all the searches people make while searching on Google and it creates various graphs of information that can help you decide if people are interested in these products or not.

Additionally, Google Analytics is a tool that you can install on your retail website and basically, it can help you analyze everything about your web traffic and customers, and this will allow you to make decisions regarding marketing, targeting and fixing your mistakes.

Amazon Toolset

Regardless if you are part of the amazon sellers or not, you are going to be able to use their amazing toolset that will provide you with incredible data about customers and their experience.

Their keyword tool is so smart, that it will suggest the most popular keywords and this will help you to understand what is trending at the moment and what products are generating buzz. Knowing these details will allow you to learn what is generating high interest and implement that type or products on your listings, ready to sell it online.

Social Media

Web crawlers and how can they help you

It’s very hard to define the pricing of your own products and, well, prices are changing constantly.

What you don’t want is someone to have a better deal from you and to steal your customer’s attention. Web crawlers can be used to monitor the competition and to get intel about what is changed and updated for your direct competitions, allowing you to have the upper hand and follow up a better offer or deal from them.

There are a ton of crawlers on the web and tutorials about how to set them up, therefore, we are not going to get into those details today – yet our intention was to show you that you can use these to generate more data about the competition.

Find the perfect audience

Targeting is the key point of any successful campaign, if the target market and all its interest are set right, you can sell anything – literally anything.

The following steps will define the strategy to market to this audience:

  • Find a Target Market that loves your product
  • Find the demographics and what is their favorite influencer or blogger, brand.
  • Monitor you competitor and find his preferable target audience.
  • When you have the perfect combination, start the ad campaign.

That’s it! The important part here is to define a persona (non-existing, perfect customer) and find out everything this persona might like and market the product to them.

This is how creating high profit products you can sell online happens, in a nutshell. What do you think are the best selling products on the retail market for this year? Let us know in the comment section below, we always love to start a good discussion.

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