International Ecommerce Platforms: Shopify for Global Spread


If your product is enjoying high demand in new markets and if your sales across regional partners and local marketplaces are strong – it is time to invest in international ecommerce platforms and expand your business.

Launching an international ecommerce website seem daunting and take up valuable resources.

That’s why you need to choose Shopify – because it is one of the best scalable solutions for expanding your business abroad!

Shopify: One Step Closer to Global Expansion

The key to business growth is going global!

As your business grows and expands, localizing customer experiences and managing data become more expensive. You end up spending more time managing your team and the complexity of your company and less time focusing on marketing your brand.

Shopify – one of the most popular ecommerce solutions on the market that makes it as easy to sell internationally as it is locally.

Shopify Plus is your secret to success! The platform helps you sell into various regions without any complexity involved. You can keep your focus on the business.

Why Shopify? 

Here are a few reasons why you need to choose the Shopify platform for global expansion:

  • A chance to break into new markets: Taking advantage of international ecommerce business opportunities is all about agility, speed, and market timing. Luckily, Shopify allows you to build your global strategy on an ecommerce platform that can support your product volume. Shopify platform helps you respond to market needs, launch faster, and capitalize on new trends and developments.
  • Launch and manage multiple ecommerce websites: With Shopify, you can create localized and unique brand experiences across multiple international websites. Check your content and customize your products by location. Aso, you can offer up-sell, cross-sell, and other recommendations for your local purchasers.
  • Be flexible: International entrepreneurs know the importance of scalability and flexibility. How efficiently you deal with the changes in language, culture, tax, currency, and etc. can make the difference between failure and success. With Shopify, you get translated backend so you have the flexibility and freedom to run your business in English or any other preferred language.
  • Global expansion = Local expansion: Supporting local payment methods, currencies, and languages are not enough. You have to tailor the shopping experience to local shopper needs and expectations. You can use built-in analytics to inform where and when you should expand next. Shopify also offers exclusive tools to help you launch more expansion stores.
  • Expansion stores: Give your new customers a personal shopping experience that meets their shopping habits. With expansion stores, you can provide personalized content, local currencies, and products to new markets. Shopify offers mobile-first themes, meaning you can reach your customers regardless of their location and device they are using. You will also gain access to world-class Shopify Plus Partner network so you can personalize operational needs for expanded localization.

Shopify B2B Ecommerce: Attract High-Value Customers

With Shopify, you can sell through B2B storefront, wholesale channel or to consumers’ website directly.

At your disposal, you’ll have everything B2B ecommerce customers want. The Shopify platform makes satisfying your B2B ecommerce customers pretty easy with all the necessary features they have come to expect.

  • You can create vibrant user experiences across various screen sizes and devices.
  • Customize navigation and personalize onsite search to improve discoverability
  • Leverage over 100 payment gateways
  • Retain your customers by integrating your CRM and ERP through open API
  • Repeat buyers can check out 40% faster with using Shopify Pay
  • Customize the checkout with powerful promotions using Shopify Scripts
  • Offer multi-channel sales

Shopify B2B ecommerce platform is a solution for resellers, retailers, and high-volume accounts.

With Shopify Plus’s wholesale channel you can generate a protected storefront (with password included) without time-consuming and costly development.

You can allow customers to purchase, track, and reorder; set maximum, minimum, and quantity increments; edit and review the orders before invoicing, sync orders, inventory, and customers automatically with third-party software.

How International Ecommerce Platforms Enable Worldwide Spread

Thanks to international ecommerce platforms, you can create limitless, engaging, and unique shopping experience while offering the performance, security, and other benefits.

With ecommerce solution Shopify, you will enjoy a rich set of features, seamless apps and third-party integrations, and an unlimited ability to customize your shop, products, and more.

When using Shopify to globally expand your business, you’ll be supported by a global community of partners, merchants, and developers who will help you bring your international expansion to life.

There are several reasons why one would want to use international ecommerce website solutions to create an online store.

It is probably worth considering creating an international online store if one of these applies to you:

  • If your visitors and potential customers speak more than one language – For example, in the USA, you have English-speaking and Spanish-speaking customers.
  • If your visitors and potential customers live in regions or countries where different languages are spoken – This is a great chance for you to market to two different target groups and double your profits.
  • If you have a legal obligation to show website content in two or more languages – For example, in some parts of Canada.
  • If people can see your store in their native language, you are likely to sell more – Would you rather buy from a store translated in a language you don’t know or from a store translated in your native language? I know which one I would buy from.

Invest some serious time into building your global ecommerce website. There is a lot of preparation required in making sure the content suits your customers – customize the content, images, product description, and anything that seems important to you.

If your business goal is to find an ecommerce platform that is perfectly capable of enterprise-level order volumes, has a large community of developers, mentors, partners, and merchants, is backed by a professional and qualified team with dedication and passion for driving innovation – Shopify is the best option for you!

Ecommerce solution Shopify in Australia and around the world  matches all of these criteria and will help you accomplish global success!

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