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Social Media

As a retailer, you already know where your potential customers hang out the most nowadays. The answer is obvious, they are all over the different social media platforms.

Regardless if you are a heavy social media user or not, you must invest in social media campaigns and knowledge to master social media for retailing if you really want to increase sales and gain more customers for your eCommerce website or online shop.

We’ve been doing a bit of research by analyzing client websites and their competition, so we can finally break down the benefits from expanding your online retail business on the social media platforms.

Overall, these are the key takeaways:

  • 87% of the social media followers will visit the brand website or shop.
  • 75% of the local fans will visit your physical store.
  • 62% will mention your brand or products to friends and family.
  • 57% will increase spending with the brand/store.
  • 41% will engage with social media shares and posts.

The main focus when designing a social media strategy for online eCommerce is centered on the consumer and their experience with your brand.

How they connect with the brand or story. How they develop opinions and feelings around the brand. And finally, how they grow with it and become repetitive customers that can’t wait for you to get something new out on the ‘e-shelves’.

Social Media in Retailing is about Finding New Customers and Keeping their Attention

The best part about social media marketing is about keeping your customers engaged with the brand or product and control the consumer lifecycle.

Is this as easy as it sounds?

Definitely not! It may be a long process to establish your brand on social media, but once that is achieved you just need to maintain and furnish your image online. It’s important that you understand how online sales work and the psychology behind getting to customers online.

That’s where we come in! Let’s break down the basics.

Be Present on All Social Media Channels – where your target audience is.

You can’t be on just one platform. Not acceptable. It’s not just Facebook or Instagram.

Building the brand around one social media channel may seem like the most cost-efficient option for your company, however, your customers don’t stay only on that one social media – they are, mostly, on few the least.

Yet, you can always test different marketing tactics and promotion methods for each platform and decide what the best one to use is.

Using Social Media to Support Your Current Retail Promotions and Campaigns

While you are running a promotion on your retail eCommerce website or in-store, or even on Google ads and banners, chances are that your customers will see it.

The trick is when they see that on social media as well it will be a double booster for them to re-consider and order if they haven’t done that the first time. And vice-versa.

Having an Omnichannel combined with your social media platforms presence will definitely boost the way consumers engage with your brand and products, thus feel more confident to order for your website.

Getting instant feedback from consumers on SM

The biggest plus on social media for retail owners is getting fast feedback. You can instantly see how the consumers react to your deals and promotions.

Regardless if it’s a comment or like, you`ll gather way more data on what people like and what they don’t like – and trough that you can re-target consumers based on their interests.

Exploring trends for retailing

The trends on social media are on constant change, and there is always something new hiding round the block. Being present and listening to what consumers want will give you the upper hand in the retail business and help you boost your revenue.

Think of it as a platform where you can experiment and learn more about what is the next big thing.

Another great thing about being on social media is asking the consumers about opinions. Seriously, many brands practice this tactic and ask questions and ideas from the consumers out of the blank and get seriously good data and idea about what to do next.

What else is great about this? People will engage and feel validated that they will participate in the decision-making process.

Shopping on Social Media

That’s not a dream, it’s really possible! Facebook, Instagram, and Google made it possible for their platform users to buy directly from the platform without even leaving it.

No need for just sharing links to your product or website anymore, you can do the transactions directly from the fan page – and still, have great analytics on what works and what doesn’t.

Doing this, you will increase the lifetime value of your consumers since they will engage with your brand and the more they do that, the more they will be exposed to your next marketing promotions and campaigns. That will make the re-targeting even better.

Social Media

What Is Your Next step for your social media for retail?

The truth is, if you are not on social media yet, you are losing money and potential customers.

Right now is the perfect timing for stepping up the social media game for your retail ecommerce business and start gaining those big benefits from this type of marketing.

There are a lot of tools on the market designed to help ecommerce website owners and online retailers with automating the processes of social media campaigns, as well as various integrations with your local or email marketing campaign.

The possibilities to use social platforms are endless! All you have to do is be creative with your campaigns and win the hearts of your consumers. That’s what competitive means in the digital world anyways.

Please share your thoughts and opinions and let us know in the comments below – do you see your retail business future on the social media platforms?

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