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Shop owners now have an option to reach more customers. The integration platform with eBay has been active since in October 2017 for US-based traders selling their products in US dollars (also available for Amazon), so they could list their products and sell them on the market from their Shopify account directly. For over 160 million active buyers around the globe, eBay has the task of making online shopping more fun. In addition to teaming up with other e-commerce platforms to build hospitable content, it plans to develop new features on the enlarged reality later this year to provide a more exciting experience.

eBay continues to focus on developing its market so that shoppers can meet the expectations and provide access to some fantastic new tools and resources that allow more selling and business development. Selling on eBay, whether you want to make additional money, clear unwanted items from around the house, or even start a business, is easy.

How to get started?

To get on the bandwagon if you haven’t already, you need to begin with creating an eBay account. Once you register for an eBay account, here’s how to start selling; Our below guides will help you to start the sale and provide more information about prices of your items, choose your options for the postage, set up your payments after sale and more.

  1. You can read our article about starting eBay Choose Sell at the top of any eBay page or go to Sell your product.
  2. Create a list for the product you want to sell.
  3. Confirm your personal information and automatically add an eBay fee payment method.

You should expect to also be requested to check your identity so that you can keep your account safe you can use the credit card or telephone number for this. Furthermore, with including this new sales channel, traders can sync product titles and descriptions, prices and quantities from Shopify to eBay instantly in real-time rather than enter them manually. Customers are not the only ones to benefit once and for all from eBay’s proposal to shed its auction site image.

How is eBay’s integration with Shopify good for your sales?

eBay has 170 million active buyers and 1.1 trillion listings worldwide. It’s therefore safe to say that standing out from potential shoppers calls for more than trendy products and glamorous images. The eBay channel is able to introduce sellers to millions of buyers by exposing manufacturers to numerous new sales opportunities. eBay orders are imported to Shopify. This enables retailers to place orders on both platforms. In the meantime, eBay buyers ‘ messages can also be viewed in Shopify. While the eBay integration of Shopify allows sellers to communicate with eBay customers from Shopify, over 60% of the platform sales are via two or more channels.

Worried about complicated fee requirements?

No further fees are applicable for starting eBay sale, but you have to pay for a store account.

  • Monthly subscribes range from $349.95 per month to $249.95 per month on eBay accounts.
  • The marketplace offers Shopify users for limited periods for three free months of the eBay Premium for the value $225.

Not sure which subscription fits you best?

While not everyone needs to integrate here’s a basic equation that would help you decide what to pick for your business.

  • The Basic is best for sellers listing at least 250 items per month or less. This is suitable for beginners starting off new on eBay.
  • For companies with at least one thousand items, while those listing not less than ten thousand should target Anchor Shopify accounts for a percentage of the net revenues for every eBay sale, while Shopify charges the final value fee for every transaction.

How to maintain customer service on a multi-channel?

You can take advantage of this integration with an e-commerce assistance desk. The background to a successful eBay business is to offer a great customer service before, during and after a transaction and investing in a support desk can make a huge difference.

Most integrations of the Shopify Help Desk have apps and can experience delays when messages are received. Not to mention, a customer ordering information alongside support tickets is generally needed by sale companies.

xSellco has been designed to be used by sellers with over 60 live Shopify, eBay, Amazon, etc. Our customer inquiries and information on your sales channels are consolidated into a single dashboard, so all you have to do is react fast. This offers real Shopify integration. This ensures that you always have accurate, up-to-date information. You can also track key electronic business metrics, such as order cancellations and returns, to identify and improve ongoing issues.

eBay is committed to ensuring a safe and fair market place, so they have rules and policies that govern the process between buyers and sellers ‘ expectations. You can also find information about the actions they are going to take to keep you safe and how they are going to protect you when something goes wrong. It’s a good idea to be well informed of both seller and buyer protection policies beforehand.

How can your customers help boost your sales?

Make the most of customer satisfaction and ask for feedback Once you have completed your buyer experience, don’t let the hard-earned customer satisfaction waste away. Transform your current customers into your best salespersons by automating your requests using xSellco and with minimum effort to achieve great reputation. Target positive feedback from the seller by requesting glad shoppers indirectly to leave a review.

Ask the right customers at the appropriate time for feedback on the right products. Don’t batch-and-blow, and look forward to the best. Set your request by SKU, type of product, on-time shipment, destination and more to target orders and check your salesman’s rating. You can use a series of carefully crafted and personalized messages to answer questions about what you purchased and link to your seller’s feedback page. Remember, the sales drive for positive feedback.

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