Shopify – One of the Best Ecommerce Platforms for Starters

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Let’s face it – you are looking for an affordable, yet professional, platform for online retail that can provide you with a lot of features and analytics. Something that’s not overwhelming for non-techies and still does the job of a custom and advanced ecommerce solution.

We got you covered!

Today, we are going to review one of the best ecommerce platform for starters, Shopify.

Overview of the ecommerce platform

That being said, this shop builder and ecommerce solution is optimized to scale your shop in the future and has a great API that means a lot of different SaaS integrations are possible.

Let’s go through the benefits and downsides of Shopify first.

Shopify’s Benefits

  • Awarded as the best and most flexible platform for beginners, being affordable and able to integrate with thousands of other services via Shopify extensions and tools – the sky is the limit for possibilities and what you can do with this shop builder.
  • It comes with an amazing inventory management system that will help you manage your storage, and cut the need for integrating an ERP system for tracking stock and sales.
  • Multi-channel sales – Shopify is able to integrate and list your products on all other social media platforms and marketplaces, such as Facebook, Instagram, amazon and eBay.

Shopify’s Downsides

  • It will charge you a transaction fee unless you use their own payment processor – Shopify payments. Truth is, no other shop builder is charging extra fees per transaction, and the subscription plan is the only one is usually charged.
  • Their content structure is sometimes glitching and if you are doing update, make sure to be extra careful and double check if there are errors in the text format.
  • Since their platform is pretty straightforward and has basic features that are normally enough to do ecommerce online for beginners, however, if you want to add new features you have to add more Apps from their store – and the more needed the app, the higher monthly cost for it, so the cost can get up pretty fast.

Besides that, Shopify is very easy to use and has a huge uptime and maintenance behind their system – so you don’t have to worry about hosting issues, compatibility issues and integration mistakes like you would have to with other solutions that are made custom – such as WordPress with WooCommerce.

Now let’s see the other aspects of this e-platform.

Why Shopify?

This is a specialized ecommerce web-store builder (or simply, ecommerce platform) for starters that helps retail entrepreneurs with no coding experience, to create their own ecommerce website and start earning revenue by selling products online.

Besides, we`ll elaborate this topic a bit later, but Shopify is one of the most affordable and high-end solutions on the market. You can start selling products online within minutes – that’s all you need to set up a store.

Who can use this ecommerce platform?

Even we dedicated this review for Starters and ecommerce beginners, simply, anyone can use Shopify. From fist timers and newbies to online retail, to million dollar companies. So, anyone with an idea to sell some product (or service) online and wants to have an online shop setup very quickly.

You can be a non-techie or a high-end coder that wants a reliable ecommerce solution platform that can help them focus on developing their product and brand, instead of bothering with creating a custom ecommerce solution.

Pricing and Plans for Ecommerce Solution

There are different subscriptions and plans within the Shopify ecommerce platform for newbies, but the most important part is that they offer a 14 day free trial or test period, whilst you can decide if this is the perfect ecommerce solution for your business.

Shopify offers the following payment plans:

  • Shopify Lite at 9$/mo, add ecommerce and payment options to your Facebook page or blog website. This will help you charge clients without having a full ecommerce website, but for products or work you share via the social media.
  • Basic Plan at 29$/mo will get you the most affordable shopify plan for having a full website with all the basic features needed to run an online retail business.
  • Shopify Standard Plan at 79$/mo will give you the choices for faster growth, it comes with special features for boosting the customer lifetime value and smaller fees on transactions.
  • Advanced Plan at 299$/mo is the most flexible plan for serious businesses that are looking to scale fast, it will also get you smaller shipping rates and a very small transaction rate/fee per order. This plan has all the custom styling and you`ll need a developer to create a custom theme.

Shopify has their own payment processor named Shopify payments and when your website is set with their private payment processor they won’t charge you any transaction fees – while using third-party payment processors would mean transaction fees from 0.5% to 2.7%

Functionality of the Ecommerce Platform

When talking about functionality, we are going to focus on few of many traits needed in a modern ecommerce website. Starting with the themes or templates library, Shopify is well supplied with a lot of pre-made templates. They officially offer 10 free and 64 paid templates in their library, but if you look for other templates outside of their platform, you`ll find a bunch more free or even paid themes that will help you convert higher number of visitors into customers.

Another interesting addition to the Shopify platform are the tools they have setup to help you boost sales and growth. Starting from their various tools for product management and multi-channel integration, Shopify is one of the few that actually offers integration with their POS system – this means that you can charge offline (in person) for online orders.

Aside from this, Shopify fully understand the ecommerce business and they have included, in all the plans, customer retention and cart abandonee recovery tools that will help you get every customer back – if they slipped the checkout process and didn’t finish the payment.

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Final Words

Truth is, we can’t recommend Shopify enough because it truly is one of the best ecommerce platforms for starters and pros. It’s fully packed solution that will make your life easier as a retailer.

What do you think is the best or worst feature about Shopify? Let us know in the comment section below.

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