Wix – The Most Affordable Ecommerce Platform on the Market

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If you are looking for a budget friendly ecommerce solution, that offers a pretty decent service and a great software – well, you are on the right spot!

Today, we are going to talk about Wix, the most affordable ecommerce platform on the market that comes with a ton of features.

Overview of the ecommerce platform

If you think about it, you’ve most likely been exposed to the ads by WIX before, so you should know by far that they are mainly a business website builder that offer their main service for free.

However, starting at 23$/mo, their plans will give the ability to process ecommerce transactions and sell your products online.

WIX is characterized with their drag & drop shop builder, whereas the name says, you can drag and drop features and sections from their library in order to create the ecommerce website from your dreams.

Alright, now let’s dive in the advantages and disadvantages of WIX.

Wix’s Advantages

  • Real time changes – their drag and drop will show you instant design changes so you will always know what the outcome of the layout is, with every change you make. Regardless if it’s a normal page or a product page with dynamic data, the WIX editor is working perfectly.
  • Friend of the Non-techies – No coding is needed nor can be included when using the WIX platform. It’s very easy to use and very practical for beginners and starters with an eye for design.
  • The software is using a lot of dynamic points, so when set correct, WIX will be fully comprehensive with your branding and brand colors or fonts. Once that is set, the focus will be directed to products promotion in order to help you increase the sales.
  • Amazing library for designs – their theme and template library is fully packed with eye-catching designs ready to be used to awe your visitors and help you increase the conversion rate on the website.
  • Full Ecommerce Tools suite – From trackers to customer retention and cart abandonment recovery automation, WIX’s ecommerce system is here to help you prevent the loss of customers.

Wix’s Disadvantages

  • Lack of Inventory Management – Unlike Shopify and others, WIX does not offer stock management tools within their toolset, so you`ll have to additionally track your inventory levels and adjust the numbers manually on the WIX platform.
  • Fully Flexible – While this is definitely not our favorite con on the WX ecommerce platform, the ability to fully design the website in a custom manner can take you off the path out of conversion rate optimization practices that increase sales, instead you will be focusing on aesthetics – something that is not as important for successful online retailing.

WIX is fully managed and maintained software-as-a-service, therefore, there are no additional costs and you can take your mind off finding hosting solutions and website uptime.

Now let’s see the other aspects of this e-shop builder.

Why WIX?

This is a specialized ecommerce store builder and one of the budget friendly ecommerce platforms on the market. Now WIX are not commonly known for their ecommerce solution as that’s something fairly new on their offer, since they’ve been focusing on free drag & drop website building.

Their goal is to create an easy to use drag & drop builder for their target market, people that are not coders, that can help you develop a fully functional website within minutes.

Seriously, the process is very fast.

So aside being the most affordable ecommerce platform in this case, they are a bit more qualified to be the best drag and drop website builder with extended ecommerce functions. Ecommerce is not their main focus, unlike other ecommerce website builders.

Who can use this ecommerce website builder?

Would you use a website builder if it was made for coding and fully customizing? The answer of this question is subjective to your coding knowledge, however, we`ll be dedicating this post for beginners to ecommerce – so, basically anyone can use WIX to create a fully functional ecommerce platform.

Their software is easy to use and you can customize any element from your theme or template, by simply changing colors, font, images or any content that is visible.

Honestly speaking, there is a bit of a learning curve to fully understand the library and how to find each element, but it’s very simple after you get the hang of it.

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Pricing and Plans for WIX’s Ecommerce Solution

Having a ton of features on hand and such an ease of use, you are thinking, how expensive can this ecommerce platform be?

Well, this is where you are wrong.

WIX has a pretty handy FREE plan that will stay free until you prepare and launch your website, but as the requirements grow and the need for simple branding (such custom domain name) comes in play, you`ll have to upgrade to one of their three paid plans.

  • Business Basic at 23$/mo
  • Business Unlimited at 27$/mo
  • Business VIP at 49$/mo

They also have an Enterprise plan at 500$/mo, but that is for high-end online retailing that needs a lot of resources and has a lot of products.

All of these plans will give you the ecommerce platform solution and ability to sell products online with your WIX account and they don’t include transaction fees, unlike Shopify’s pricing does. Besides this, paid plan will give the full branding rights and remove their branding, as well as WIX ads.

Functionality and Tools by WIX Ecommerce Platform

While they don’t offer much tools that will help you much with the inventory management and payment processing, WIX will offer you a lot of solutions for managing all aspects of the online retail.

It comes with CRO optimized product listings and pages, and it can integrate with over 15 third-party payment processors like Paypal and Stripe. WIX is also powered up for Multichannel sales and retention management system with a great abandoned cart recovery rates.

Final Words

Truth is, we can’t recommend WIX enough because it truly is one of the most affordable ecommerce platforms for retailers and ecommerce enthusiasts. Packed with a ton of features and eye-catching design library – what else can a retailer ask for?

What do you think is the best or worst features about WIX? Let us know in the comment section below.

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